graphic designer

I design art products that can be tangible in life around us. Meanwhile “novelty” and “creativity”play a significant role in my artworks. My artwork is the manifestation of the hidden dimension of my soul. I strongly believe that Arts should help the world to be a more joyful and charming place to live.

Graphic designers create visual images that communicate a message, such as a book covers, magazines, catalogs, newspapers as well as visual identity such as letterhead, business cards, brand guides, logos or marketing materials like flyers, brochures, postcards, one-sheets, posters even Shirt & Apparel designs and also digital print. After more than two decades experiences in this industry from a lithography image setter/plate setter operator to an offset print supervisor and eventually a graphic designer and graphic design lecturer, I can be enough assured that I can create artworks flawlessly.

From wall arts to furniture selections, from rugs to accessories, every choice you make for your home impacts the overall look and feel. Your home reflects your type and taste, your room elements should be in accordance with a proper decorating style. I can help you as a professional Interior Decorator to make your interior spaces functional, safe and beautiful with the help of the determining space requirements. Thus colors, lighting and arrangements would be creative, trendy and one-of a-kind in particular to bring you a sense of balance and perfection.

Textile designers create designs for printed, woven and knitted fabrics. I am passionate about creative ideas and innovative design for rugs, pillows and wall Arts since I am a specialist in Product Development, Trend Analytics, and Color Curation for Apparel and Home Textiles. I am amongst those who use thread and fabric as media to produce unique wall Arts. Moreover, I index CADs and I do rug design because I am familiar with Persian antique rugs motifs. Patterns are also attractive. I can make and use them creatively so I follow marketability and trends.

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